In this global learning program, students take 6 credits of intensive Japanese language classes at the appropriate level taught by onsite instructors in Tokyo at KCP International Japanese Language School and 4 credits of EAST 430 Contemporary Japanese Society taught by Prof. Tomasi.

EAST 430 – Contemporary Japanese Society (4 credits)

courses1This course provides a detailed examination of historical events, cultural practices, and social developments that have shaped contemporary Japanese society. The course focuses on the post-war period and analyzes current intellectual discourse on a variety of themes, depending on the instructor. Representative topics are atomic bomb literature and the discourse of occupation, the myth of homogeneity and the shifting role of women and minorities, and the representation of gender and otherness in literature and popular culture.

International Education 205/305 (6 credits)

Japanese Language classes at KCP will be offered at beginner and intermediate levels of instruction. These credits cannot be applied to Japanese language sequence at Western but count as general elective credits toward graduation.

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