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There will be some opportunities for you to experience Tokyo on your own or with some fellow classmates. Purchasing a good travel book on Tokyo and writing down some “must see” places to visit is the best way to make the most of your time in Tokyo.

Here are some suggestions on what to see and do in Tokyo, and some additional resources for you to explore:

  • Discover Shinjuku, the business, entertainment, and shopping center of Tokyo, and where KCP International is located.
  • Sing your heart out with karaoke, a popular form of Japanese entertainment.
  • Experience the spiritual at Japan’s shrines and temples.
  • Hungry while sightseeing? Try Japan’s delicious and filling donburi meals.
  • Know where to eat out as a vegetarian in Tokyo.
  • Be on top of the world at Tokyo Skytree, a broadcasting, restaurant, and observation tower and also the tallest structure in Japan.
  • Experience the magic of Tokyo Disneyland.
  • Here are 10 fun and free things you can enjoy in Tokyo.
  • Don’t miss out on Harajuku, the Kawaii capital of Japan and the center of Japanese fashion and youth culture.
  • Visit Tokyo Imperial Palace, the main residence of Japan’s Imperial Family.
  •  Have some fun at Kasai Rinkai Park, the largest park in central Tokyo.
  • Spend some time at the historical Meiji Shrine in Tokyo’s Shibuya ward.
  • Know more about Japan’s rich history and culture by visiting Tokyo’s top museums.
  • Explore Nakamise-dōri, Asakusa, one of the oldest shopping streets in Japan.
  • Visit the impressive Kanda Shrine right in Tokyo.
  • Japan holds numerous festivals every year. Here are some exciting July festivals to enjoy.
  • Discover Noh, Japan’s oldest traditional theater.
  • Visit Hachikō’s memorial at Shibuya Station, Tokyo.
  • Explore Ginza, one of Tokyo’s upscale districts.
  • Tour Tokyo Dome City with its own shopping area, water rides, restaurants, and more. It also includes LaQua, a natural spring spa facility.

Travel resources that you may find useful:


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